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A terrifying journey into darkness for world domination

This is a work of fiction based upon two salient facts:

  • When the anschluss between Austria and Germany took place in 1938 and German troops marched into Austria, Hitler ordered the removal of the Lance of Longinus from the Holy Roman Treasure House of the Kunsthistoriches Museum in Vienna. The Lance of Longinus is the spearhead that, allegedly, pierced the side of Christ upon the cross. The spearhead was previously carried into all battles by the Teutonic Knights and was regarded as the most powerful talisman in the world. It still is in some quarters.
  • Hitler's half brother, Alois Matzelberger, came to England in 1925/6 and established a family that he subsequently deserted, returning to Germany.

FICTION (but not all the characters are fictitious)

Satan's Fuehrer moves between Vienna, London, the Dachaner Moos near Munich, Haifa in Israel, North Africa and Nuremberg.

In 1969 the Lance of Longinus is stolen to front a satanic scheme to create a Fuehrer in the body of Matzelberger's grandson who was born at exactly 3pm on the 30th April 1945 - the very moment Adolf Hitler died.

Ben Cash, a British intelligence agent, leads the fight against the combined forces of resurgent Nazism and the satanic powers released by Hans Friedrich Mahler using the Lance of Longinus.

Ben is strongly aided by the Reverend Freddie Winter, a large man in every sense, but with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the occult, who helps Ben to defeat such vile adversaries as Pazuzu and Nam Tar, the embodiments of all evil. He also derives much comfort from the love and support of Ruth Friedmann whose father was murdered satanically by Mahler; Ruth served with the Zug Haganah L'Yisrael, the Defence army of Israel.

There are many battles fought before the resurgence of international neo-nazism is brought to an end in the very place where it all began, in the vast stadium of the Zepplineweise in Nuremberg.

If it does nothing else, other than entertain, the novel underlines the very real dangers inherent in the practice of satanism and how easily old emotions and ambitions can be rekindled.

Frederick Covins © 2008
267 pages. 80,000 words.

All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium
is prohibited without the express written permission of Frederick Covins.
All photographs and illustrations © Frederick Covins