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A children's book

Working away beneath the rocks and within the rocks are The Petra, The Keepers of the Stones. They maintain the pulse and the rhythm of the earth, the earth’s accord with the seasons, the fulcrum of the energy lines and they encourage pothos, that terrible striving power to live, to break free, that dwells in every living thing.

Eiddon, son of Caw, leads the Petra. Their enemies are the destroyers and despoilers of earth, those who take from the earth and give nothing back.

The Red Indian, the Aborigine and the Maori understood the earth, worshipped the trees, rivers and rocks, the sun and the moon, they recognised that everything was connected, that whatever befell the earth befell the sons of the earth. The despoilers know only destruction and greed.

The Petra believed that the earth was under sentence of death, that Man’s pollution had become so great that it threatened the existence of everything. Earthquakes, floods and all the great disasters created by the movements of the earth and orchestrated by the Petra had done nothing to quell the greed and quarrelsome nature of Man and so now, deep below the earth’s crust, the Petra met in solemn council to seek a ‘final’ solution to the earth’s ills.

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