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Frederick Covins

Frederick Covins was an ex-film and theatre stills photographer, an artist and author. Fred and his wife, Maggie, were also restorers of pottery and porcelain from 5000BC onwards.

Fred held an honours degree in English and American Literature and lived in Malvern, Worcestershire with his wife and sons for over forty five years.

He played an active part in the events of the area throughout that time and served on the Three Choirs Festival Committee, organising the county's first Industrial Exhibition in the process.

In addition to his published works, Fred wrote many articles on photography, antiques and conservation and gave concerts of his own poetry.

Fred's entrepreneurial qualities were also demonstrated in a series of family art exhibitions called 'Dare to be Bad' that were featured on ITV.

Fred was a member of the Society of Authors, the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (USA)and the Authors' Licensing & Collecting Society.

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