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The Battle for Badger's Wood

The Battle for Badger's Wood
Sensitively combining humour and pathos, the story follows the events which lead the animals of Badger's Wood to unite with conservationists in a glorious fight against the developers who would rob them of their homes.

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1974 Cassell & Co Ltd
1983 PEP Ltd
1984 PEP Ltd

ISBN 0 304 29428 4
ISBN 0 946432 00 7
ISBN 0 946432 05 8
(schools edition)

1984 Serialised in Woman's Own
1987 Polka Children's Theatre. Adaptation by John Laing. (Five week run with extra, unscheduled performances by demand)
1975/84 Foreign language rights sold to: Finland, Germany and Denmark
Used as a set text in many schools

Fly, bird! Fly!

Fly, bird! Fly!
The story is an odyssey; detailing a breathtaking, heart stopping journey of six thousand miles, made by a flock of Swallows on their annual migration to Africa, during which their survival depends upon fighting the elements and man every inch of the way.

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1984 PEP Ltd

ISBN 0 946432 01 5

1985 Foreign language rights to Denmark
Also used extensively in schools

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