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"I laughed aloud...the vocabulary is advanced and sophisticated, the story exciting."

The Teacher

"There is a devastating epilogue to this little, delightful, beautifully illustrated book."

The Bookseller

"The words are modern, the telling swift and sure, enchanting child and adult alike...a book for any age."

Woman's Own

"One of the most beautiful children's books for many years."

The Birmingham Mail

"Widely acclaimed...a classic in the making."

The Lady

"Fred's honest and troubled exploration of the horrors of the concrete tide. Responsible and recommended."

Cambridge Evening News

"A special Woman's Own digest of the beautiful new fantasy novel by Frederick Covins."

Woman's Own

"Fred's devastating comments on man's stupid treatment of the environment."

School Librarian

"Another winner for Fred. A gripping tale with a chilling epilogue...highly recommended."

The Birmingham Mail

"Fred's ploy and counter ploy build to an uproarious climax."

The Mail on Sunday

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