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"At the Evening News we have a file as thick as an elephant's elbow on Fred."

Worcester Evening News

""Fred has a wickedly acute eye when it comes to studying character."

Midland Times

"Fred has more than a touch of Swift's 'savage indignation'."

Warwickshire & Worcestershire Life

"An ardent lover of nature and the countryside."

Warwickshire & Worcestershire Life

"Full marks, Fred."

The Times

"Fred's vivid tales skilfully evoked."

Books & Bookmen

"Fred paints vivid verbal scenes."

Berrows Journal

"...the arch individualist."

Berrows Journal

"Life with the Covins is always a busy affair."

The Birmingham Post

"Fred has that rare talent for anthropomorphising animals in a way that conveys a coherent and recognisable character without denying them the diversity of their natural instincts."

Midland Times

"A many talented man, an internationally recognised film and theatre photographer, an artist, a lover and restorer of ceramics and a writer of considerable repute."

Midland Times

"Fred weaves a wealth of detail into his writing and his learning never appears pedantic."

The Sunday Press

"Fred brings history to life."

Evening Herald

"A gentle giant, whose deceptively relaxed manner masks his anger at bullying bureaucracy."

Warwickshire & Worcestershire Life

"Fred's whole personal attitude to life is based on the belief that there is a purpose to everything - death as well as life - even if we cannot always fully understand it."

Berrows Journal

"Fred has filled most every waking hour with something creative...he has written, photographed, drawn, painted and restored ceramics."

Peterborough News

"Fred's vocabulary is advanced and sophisticated, the stories exciting...I laughed aloud."

The Teacher

"Fred's books stand apart from the run-of-the-mill children's books."

Berrows Journal

"A classic writer in the making."

The Lady

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