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If I was a daisy

If I was a daisy
In lush green grass
I'd be standing tall
Watching life pass

If I was a daisy
Standing tall
I'd look into the sky
And watch the rain fall

If I was a daisy
Watching the rain
I'd long for the sun
And for it to be summer again

If I was a daisy
Longing for the sun
I'd wish I have a companion
So we could have fun

If I was a daisy
Wishing for a companion
I'd search and search for hours
Until I found the one

If I was a daisy
Searching for hours
I'd talk and talk and talk
To all kinds of flowers

If I was a daisy
I'd always want to talk to you
And I would never stop
I would talk till I turned blue

Because if I was a daisy
White as white can be
And if you were a rose
Red as red can be

I'd never let you go
And I would never say good bye
And I would never ever leave you
And I would be with you until i die
Because I will always love you

By Cassie Screti (Aged 14 years)
Princess Diana Award - Cassie Screti

Penguins party

Music, laughter,
Raising the roof.
Penguins like to party,
And this is proof.

Streamers are hung,
Balloons too.
Plenty of party food,
For me and you.

Punch in a bowl,
At the edge of the room.
Chestnuts roasting,
There is certainly no gloom.

Soon they come knocking,
Upon the pure ice door.
Hello, welcome,
Comes that voice once more.

They sing and waddle,
Strut and sway.
They can dance,
In every way.

But soon it’s time,
To say goodbye.
Now they go to bed,
And hope that Santa will appear in the sky.

By Zoe Screti (Aged 10 years)

The tale of a young girl

As the breeze blows
And the sea flows
I am watching

As the crushed strawberry sky
As soothing as a sweet butterfly
Turns the day into night
I am watching

As the gems of the sky
Twinkle to a child’s lullaby
I am watching

As my dreams fade away
And I wake to the beams
Of the warm golden sun
I am watching

As the trees cast their shadows
And families sit in the shade
I am watching

I am free
I love the world
But do you love me?

By Zoe Screti (Aged 10 years)

He Taught Me Gentleness

To have lived my life and to have known me, it is easy to imagine me as soft and kind, full of tenderness and love which could expand all the universe, but one day to my great dismay, a most unwelcome discovery was made.

I didn’t know that I had become so harsh, rough or aggressive, in a hurry, so needy and impatient for love and all its affections.

The discovery came to be when I met him, a shining star among the mountains and rough terrains of darkness that had surrounded me over the recent years, once I saw his face and heard his voice, it was quickly known to me how truly lovely he was, from tthe first moment I was alone with him, I felt the overwhelming desire to be near him, hold him and partake in his graceful beauty.

But what I didn’t know was when I meant to make a tender gesture, I had unknowingly grabbed him a little too hard, by my great surprise in what should have been a wonderous moment of joy for both of us, he jumped back slightly and cried out, ‘ouch’.

Just then, I too let go and stepped back, it suddenly came to me what I had done, in my need for his affection, I, the former tender one, had hurt him by mistake, I didn’t realize what I had become, how much I must have changed and just how I had been affected by my experiences.

The moment of shock led to a sudden need for delving within and taking some time for contemplation, it hit me just then, how amazing it was how people really do ‘rub’ off on us.

Although the moment made me hurt for a second in the dreary land of self disappointment, for I had oh so hoped to land a great lasting first impression, to leave a mark of beauty that would cause his heart to want to be with me.

But then, I became grateful for in that moment, he taught me gentleness, he reminded me to be softer, kinder, more patient, to slow down and to let life and love happen in its own time, in that moment I remembered who I had been, he was the image of the beauty of my past, he reminded me of what I must return to.

Since then, day after day, he has shown me once again what it feels like to be around the soft, the beautiful, the graceful, the normal, the peaceful and the true.

Thank you dear one for teaching me once again the art of the gentle.

By Diana, La Fleur Sacrée

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