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Frederick Covins

In Memory Of Fred

As the sun sets in the sky,
I think about you and I,
And the connection we shared,
Through pen and paper.

But now it has all changed.
The blinds closed on your days.
A cruel force took hold of you,
And you lost the battle.

You were a loving family member,
Who brought us smiles and joy.
You were a brilliant author,
And a fantastic poet too.

I'll never forget your words,
So eloquent and profound,
Entwined into stories,
Captivating the readers mind.

Your writing never ceased to amaze
The reader, eager, keen.
Every sentence filled with love and passion,
For writing was your dream.

Even though you are gone,
Your strong-willed spirit still lives on.
Our connection stays strong.
You inspired me for so long.

You will never be forgotten. Fred.

By Zoe Screti (Aged 13 years)


The vast, open field lay before my eyes.
Birds tweeting in the background.
Rabbits scurrying across the grassland.
Little daisies moving gently to the light breeze.

The lush, green grass was there to be admired.
It was a gift from nature.
It glistened in the sun.
It felt like the power-source to the outside world.

The torn up grass lay, scattered across the ground.
In all shades of red and black.
The daises, covered in blood.
Shards of grenades sprinkled across the land.

Bodies, left rotting in the sun, spread round the field.
No rabbits scurried, only bullets being carried by the wind.
No birds were tweeting; it was just a dead silence.
A gift was ruined.

By James Pigden (Aged 11 years)

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